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 I love exploring in SL. There’re so many things to see, and if my profile pic is anything to go by, so many animals to sit on. Just color me morbidly curious.

-Ahem- The deets:

Hair: Elua // Mao (SL13B Gift)
Skin: Dulce Secrets // Akane (0L Free Dove hunt)
Eye shadow: Dulce Secrets // Watermedia Raw Umber (0L Free Dove hunt)
Lip gloss: Dulce Secrets // Lusster Coquelicot Lip Gloss (0L Free Dove hunt)
Neck Corset: This Is Wrong // Neck Corset. Red (0L Group Gift)
Dress: It’s Gau // Daiana (0L @ Has# Urban)
Cuffs: Pure Poison // Screw Handcuffs (0L Sub-0 Gift)
Shoes: Patula’s House // Flower Heels (Marketplace freebie found here)
Nails: ~Gorgeous Dolls~ // Chic Tips (0L @ Free Dove)

Sim: Duet

Accessories · Dress · Gacha · Hair · High heels · Hunts · Marketplace · Skin · Socks

Tabula Rasa

Tablula Rasa

Sky and sea keep harm from me.

I’ve always found myself attracted to beach sims. There’s just something calming listening to the sound of never ending waves and the cry of sea gulls. I’m an island girl and I suppose your first life never really leaves you.

As always, the deets:

Hair: Damselfly // Unity (SL13B Gift)
Sunglasses: Pure Poison // Catsa Sunglasses (SL13B Gift)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins // Heather v1a (8L Gatcha. Limited offer.)
Dress: Prism // Kyrie (1L Beached Bunny Hunt)
Nails: Nailed It // Halloween 2013 (Marketplace freebie found here)
Stockings: Lali’s Shiny Nylon (Marketplace freebie found here)
Shoes: Baby Monkey // Leana (0L Part of the Baby Monkey Starter Pack)