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Sunshine and light

Sunshine and light

Spending power. Someone once told me that it would be so much more fun to buy stuff in Second Life. At already a couple of weeks old and my inventory climbing with freebies, group gifts, hunt gifts, midnight mania and lucky chair prizes, I was reasonably skeptical. Also worried, because how did my inventory bloat like that?! Maybe I’ll never know the answer to that mystery but I did discover Gacha Machines and yard sales and…Oh. I’m beginning to see his point.

Epiphany and deets:

Hair: Truth // Kasimire. Colors (Got it for 35L here but there was only one copy. Play the gacha at the Truth main store here for 50L)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins // Maren. Caramel (0L Past mini mania gift. The boards have changed out again as the time of writing this and there’s two that don’t require a group tag so get slapping.)
Top: This Is Wrong // Bolero top. Red (20L This Is Wrong is having a Summer Sale on some of it’s items and that collar…I could not resist.)
Tattoo: Reckless // Vida (0L Group gift)
Nails: Nailed It // Halloween 2013 (Marketplace freebie found here)
Jeans: Sn@tch // Camp Jeans (0L)
Shoes: Sugar Button Boutique // Panda Baby knee high sneakers (50 L Store is closed now but you might want to check out their marketplace store here. The clothes are so cute I can’t get over it even though I am late to the party.)



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